About ACES

League Philosophy

Safe, Fun then Competitive

Bakersfield A.C.E.S. is a 6v6 short-sided recreational soccer league founded on the philosophy of "safe, fun, then competitive" soccer.  The family-friendly culture of the league is what we attribute our success to.  We play on Saturday nights and run three seasons that consist of 9 games plus a tournament:  Fall Season (September thru November)  Winter Season (January through March)  Spring Season (April through June)

The League is divided into 4 divisions:

Division A – Competitive

Highly skilled and competitive athletes

Division B – Competitive

Skilled play with the understanding that we all have to go to work on Monday

Division C – Recreational

Fun and casual recreational play for those of us that are not necessarily in as good a shape as we used to be!

Division D - Recreational

Fun for beginners new to soccer.  Husband and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends looking to come out, exercise and have some fun together.

Registration Fees

Registration is $75 per person per season.  Team Managers are extended a discounted registration rate of $45 per Team Manager per season for taking on the responsibility of managing the team, ensuring your team shows up each week to the scheduled games and ultimately being accountable for the actions of the team members and spectators associated with your team.   

Referee fees are $20.00 paid weekly by each team directly to the referee officiating your game.

Rules, Regulations & Policies

Section 1.  Pregame Rules

A.  All games will be played on short sided fields in a 6vs6 format with U-10 sized goals (7’X21’)

B. All players must be registered within the current season

C. Teams must have matching shirts or jerseys

D. Each team must field a minimum of four players rostered to that team.  Teams unable to field a team with at least four of their own players will forfeit the match.  (See section 6)

a. If a team is found to be using an unregistered player, the offending team will automatically forfeit the match and the team will be eliminated from tournament play

E.  Each team must field a minimum of one female player (two for division C and D) at all times.  Teams who cannot field the appropriate number of female players will forfeit the match.  (See section 6)

F. Games will start at the listed time.  Forfeits will be determined five minutes after game time

G. Referees must be paid prior to the start of the game

Section 2.  Rules of Play

A. Bakersfield ACES adheres to the FIFA laws of the Game with the following exceptions:

a. No slide tackling.  Slide tackling will result in an automatic yellow card

i. Within the penalty area goalkeepers are permitted to slide

ii. Sliding to save a ball from going out of bounds is permitted granted there are no other players around you.  The idea of “around you” is at the referee’s discretion.  If it’s close, keep your feet

b. No offside infraction

B. “ACES Culture call gives the referee the ability to make a call that does not necessarily violate any FIFA rules, however, is made specifically to preserve the integrity of the ACES culture. 

Section 3.  Yellow and Red Cards

A. Any player receiving a yellow card is required to substitute immediately

B. Red cards of all kind carry with them a one game suspension

C. Teams with 5 or more yellow cards or 2 or more red cards will result in automatic review by a three person discipline committee.  Findings will be communicated and can include, but are not limited to, loss of membership.

Section 4.  Substitution

A.  On the fly substitutions can be made.  If a substitution is made it should not be made from a position on the field to gain an advantage

Section 5.  Player Sharing

A.  The sharing of players between teams is allowed during regular season play.  Registered players can play up as many divisions, but can ONLY play down one division

a. Ex:  A player in division B can play up in division A or down in division C but cannot play down in division C

Section 6.  No Shows and Forfeits

A. Regardless of advanced notice, if a team cannot provide their opponent with a game at the scheduled time then that game will be considered a forfeit.

a. For each forfeit, the offending team will be deducted $40 from their referee refund check

i. The team who did show up for their game will not pay the referee

b. A team with two or more forfeits will be ineligible for tournament play

B. If a team cannot satisfy the pregame requirements they will forfeit the game and a pickup game will be played instead

a. If a game is played each team will still pay the referee and the game will be officiated

Section 7.  Violent Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy

A.  Any violent conduct or conduct that can lead to violence is in violation of Bakersfield ACES Zero Tolerance Policy.  In the case of a Zero Tolerance incident, ACES will initiate a Zero Tolerance Review which consists of:

a. Creation of a three person review committee made up of unbiased ACES board members

b. Solicitation of incident reports from both team managers as well as the referee

c. A discipline review and formal decision.  All decisions are final.  No protests.

B. If a player or players are deemed in violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy they will be permanently removed from the league without refund and indefinitely barred from participating

C. The team which the player(s) participates on will be under review as well and may be subject to suspension or removal from the league

a. Team is defined loosely as a group of players that play together, but can include up to an entire roster. 

D. Any team with a player in violation of the Zero Tolerance policy will not be eligible for tournament play

E. After the passing of three full seasons, not including the season in which the incident occurred, a player (or players) involved in violation of the league’s zero tolerance policy may apply for reinstatement to the league by issuing a formal letter to the league director.  It is the sole decision of the league director to reinstate a player(s) and all decisions are final.  No appeals.

Section 8.  Tournament Rules

A. Only teams in good standing with the league will be eligible for tournament play

B. Only players registered to your team roster may play for your team during tournament play

C. Tournament points system is as follows:  Win = 3 points.  Tie = 1 point.  Losses = 0 points

D. Tiebreakers are as follows:  Points.  Head to head result.  Goal differential (max of 3).  Goals against.  Penalty kicks

E. Knockout games (including finals) that end in a tie go directly to penalty shootout.  No overtime.

F. Penalty shootouts are three shooters and must alternate gender (Ex:  Male, Female, Male).  After three shooters it is sudden death

a. Shooters cannot be repeated until all players of that gender have taken a penalty.

b. If a team has a limited number of one gender, that person/those persons will continually take the kicks

c. For Championship games, penalty shootouts will be 5 shooters and no sudden death.

Section 8.  Concussion Protocol

A. Any player who appears to have potentially sustained a concussion will be evaluated by a referee and if deemed to have possibly sustained a concussion will be barred from participating for the remainder of the day

B. The team manager (or the player acting as team manager) will be notified of the player’s inability to participate

C. The incident (including player name) will be reported to the referee administrator.  The team manager will then be contacted by the referee administrator and will be responsible (along with the player) for verifying the player’s ability to return to play

Section 9.  Registration Protocol

A. Players may register up to the posted registration deadline

B. Any player seeking to register after the posted registration deadline and up to week 4 must clear that request with the registrar

C. No player may register after the 4th week of the season is complete

a. ACES reserves the right to invoke our “Culture Call” when it comes to player registration and participation windows.  In extreme cases, we may give consideration to add players late in the season